CT Water Distiller


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To bypass my personal message about the CT mini water distiller click HERE to be directed to the product page where you can purchase it. And use my discount code (healthyhabits5) at checkout to get 5% OFF the CT or any distiller that is best suited for you. 

This is the water distiller that I've had and used for the past 11 years. I use a ton of water in my daily lifestyle and it just made sense for me to get a water distiller. It saves money, is good for the environment and saves on trips to the store to get more distilled water and the frustration of running out of it since I use so much. It makes a little less than a gallon of distilled water in 3-3.5 hours if you use cold water, but if you're in a hurry or just want to make it faster, you can fill the chamber with hot water and it'll take less than half of the time; only, de-mineralizing the chamber of built up minerals will be more often since hot water has more hard minerals in it. This is easily done by filling the chamber with distilled vinegar once every month or two to loosen the minerals, and giving it a scrub and a good rinse.

Again, to learn more about it, click HERE. And remember to apply the discount code at checkout for 5% OFF if you decide this is the right one for you: the code is healthyhabits5