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🌱✨ Healthy Habits Family! 🌈 I wanted to share my incredible experience with grounding and how it has positively impacted my health! As someone with a breast cancer diagnosis, I often worry about breast tenderness and pain and the damage it can possibly be causing.

Upon grounding and using an earthing mat, I noticed a remarkable change. The discomfort in my breasts reduced significantly!! πŸ™Œ While grounding isn't a cure, I believe it played a vital role in alleviating the discomfort I was experiencing that is caused by hormonal imbalances and inflammation.

Not only that, but grounding also seemed to strengthen my immune system. πŸ›‘οΈ I also noticed fewer bouts of moodiness which I attribute to better nights' sleep using the earthing elite sleep mat. 😴

Grounding has become an essential part of my proactive health routine, keeping cancer at bay and empowering me to take charge of my well-being. I encourage you all to explore grounding and its potential benefits for your health journey.

If you're able to get daily grounding outdoors on the earth, that would be my first suggestion, as it is a more well-rounded experience with the elements of the sun, fresh air, and the wind. πŸŒžπŸƒ Even if you're able to ground outside, I highly recommend also having the grounders (slippers), the sleep mat for sleeping, and the universal mat for under the laptop or at your feet when you're on your computer. I use these daily (slippers in the spring, summer, and fall) and I love the noticeable difference they have made in my life. I trust you will love them too!

Go to to do more research or to purchase yours today. Also, check out my blog about grounding HERE. 🌐

Stay Healthy! 🌿πŸ’ͺ Jeanna 🌸