Neurophone NF3
Neurophone NF3

Neurophone NF3

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The Patrick Flanagan Neurophone NF3 Learning Device is the newest, redesigned, and improved version of the older Neurophone models. Dr. Patrick Flanagan built the first Neurophone in 1958 when he was 14 years old. The Neurophone encodes sounds in a way that makes it possible to transmit them through the skin. They are again translated into sound in the brain. Patrick Flanagan has thus discovered an additional sense, which everybody has, but which nobody has used until now: hearing through the skin.

- Strengthening and balancing of the physical energy level, simply through permanent (possibly not consciously perceived) background noise.
- Harmonising within yourself with considerable impact on the aura.
- Harmonizing between persons in a closed circuit starting with touching the signal transducers and closing of the circuit by holding hands.
- Decreasing time requirement for storing knowledge and/or accessing it.
- Perfecting of coordinative movement.
- General relaxation in case of stressful experiences.
- Acquiring of desired life attitudes and habits as well as coordinative processes in a much shorter time than without the Neurophone.

- 1 Transducer Set
- 1 Affirmation CD
- 1 Adapter Cable “Audio-In”
- 2 Splitters
- 1 Instruction Manual

DISCLAIMER: Like all incarnations of Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone the NF3 is not a medical device. The NF3 use is strictly to enhance meditation, increase learning, and to listen to music ultrasonically. If you are sensitive to ultrasonic waves in any way please discontinue use immediately.

GUARANTEE: The NF3 is guaranteed for parts and labor from any manufacturing defects for 90 days from delivery. Healthy Habits With Jeanna is not responsible for breakage from dropping the device or improper use.

RETURNS: The NF3 cannot be returned for any reason. However, if the NF3 is not for you they are quite easy to resell on the secondary market given their popularity and scarcity.