9 Ways To Detoxify The Body And Mind

Detoxification has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, whether it's through the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the products we use. These toxins can build up over time and lead to a range of health issues, from fatigue and brain fog to chronic illness.

The good news is that there are many ways to support your body's natural detoxification process. Here are some of the top benefits of detoxification, along with some tips for getting started:

  1. Body Brushing

Dry body brushing is a simple and effective way to support your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. By using a dry brush to gently massage your skin, you can help stimulate lymphatic flow and improve circulation, and your skin will look and feel incredibly soft and radiant. 

  1. Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is essential for flushing toxins out of your system. Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day, (a gallon during intense detoxification) and consider adding lemon or other citrus fruits to your water for an extra detox boost. 

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise can help support your body's natural detoxification process by improving circulation, promoting lymphatic flow, and reducing stress. Try to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day, whether it's a brisk walk, running, or a gym workout. I personally prefer to work out at home for a variety of reasons and you can read more about that HERE.

  1. Prayer and Meditation

Stress is a major contributor to toxins in the body. By taking time each day to pray, meditate, or practice deep breathing, you can help reduce stress and support your body's natural detoxification process. Read my blog HERE for a more intimate share on how prayer and meditation have helped me on my journey to healing cancer naturally. 

  1. Healthy Organic Diet

Eating a healthy, organic diet is essential for supporting your body's natural detoxification process. Aim to eat mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and if you eat meat make sure to look for high-quality protein sources like grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish. Thrive Market has a wide variety of organic products that you will love! You can check them out HERE.

  1. Fresh Air and Sun

Getting outside and breathing in fresh air can help support your body's natural detoxification process. Sunlight is also essential for the production of vitamin D, which plays a key role in immune function and overall health. I live in Buffalo, NY where we have long winters and the sun hides for many months of the year, but I take morning walks and sometimes mid-day walks to get some exposure, but I absolutely need to supplement with Vitamin D during the winter season. If you are in a similar position, consider supplementing until the warmer seasons or even if you don't get out much during the warmer seasons. HERE is where you can find high quality Vitamin D supplements. 

  1. Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are a powerful detox tool that can help support liver function and promote the elimination of toxins from the body. While this may not be for everyone, those who have tried coffee enemas report feeling more energized and less bloated. They have been a life saver for me and imperative on my health journey. Read more about the benefits of coffee enemas and how to perform one HERE.

  1. Supplements

There are many supplements that can help support your body's natural detoxification process, including milk thistle, dandelion root, and probiotics. Organic psyllium husk and bentonite clay together work great in sweeping out and mopping the digestive system. A clean digestive system helps to assimilate and absorb nutrients from your food which in turn help the body to perform its detoxification processes. Create an account and enjoy a 10% discount off all supplements HERE.

  1. Sweating

Sweating is a natural way to eliminate toxins from the body. Consider using a sauna or BIOMAT to help promote sweating and support your body's natural detoxification process. Read more about the amazing benefits of using a sauna or biomat HERE.

There are many ways to support your body's natural detoxification process. Whether it's body brushing, staying hydrated, exercise, prayer and meditation, a healthy organic diet, getting fresh air and sun, coffee enemas, supplements, or sweating using a sauna or biomat, these tips can help you feel more energized, clear-headed, and healthy. It's never too late to start prioritizing your health and wellbeing, so why not give detoxification a try? Your body and mind will thank you!

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