My God is perfect.

God is amazing, and so so good. His ways are better than our ways, no doubt!! We can spend years in a storm with moments of respite, and we walk through that valley of the shadow of death not knowing how we're going to make it through, hanging on to that mustard seed of faith. We read his word for hope and inspiration and amassing a fear and awe of the almighty. Our souls long to have someone and something to revere. He is the perfect one. He truly does care for us and knows what we need to be more like his son Jesus. He builds our character by demolishing the corrupted parts of us and replacing it with his spirit, and the qualities that are of him that he chose for us individually. We all have strengths and lesser strengths and he chooses you to have more of one and me to have more of another. Like different body parts of the church. A body can't move forward without feet. It can't communicate without a mouth, or give without hands. Every organ has a function, too. One purifies, one acts as a motor, one dissolves and another excretes. So who are we and what purpose does God use us for? We have to be careful that the evil one is not using God's blessing as a curse. He did me, but after 44 years, I'm finally being set free. It's an insane process with very disturbing realizations; hurtful and evil. But I see God in it and on my side. God didn't allow cancer in me for me to suffer. He allowed cancer in me for me to heal. He is in all the details. All glory to HIM and my precious savior JESUS CHRIST. Isn't he good.

Keep hanging on. God is molding you. It hurts, but what an honor to have the hands of the creator of the world on us, forming us to be like Jesus. Thank you. Thank you God for that. We won't come close but we get closer, until we step back in to eternity with him. Home sweet home. 

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