ADHD Overwhelm

ADHD overwhelm is no joke. So much creative energy and not enough outlets. Not yet anyways.

I'm working on it.

There's so much to work on.

I've made so many videos to post on my YouTube channel and have been having issue with it. Not sure if it's God or the enemy. So I'm praying. I've worked so hard and so long on my vision. Been having major challenges in that arena. ADHD or spiritual; they are one and the same to me. Slow progress is still progress.

Diet is good for the most part, but I made pizza for Noble today for dinner and I had a couple of slices. I shouldn't start, so I'm going to end that. 

Did a coffee enema today. I don't do much of them anymore. I only do them now when I have the intuition that I should do one and it lasts a few days. I don't want to mess with my microbiome cause it's been real good lately. I'm happy about that, praise God.

God shows me glimpses of what's possible. It's beyond amazing. Being who He created us to be is the best thing that could happen to us in this life. I love God. He's always on my mind. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Three in One. It's a supernatural experience. I experience Him throughout the day, and I really wish to share that with others. It's personal and private but people should know what's possible in this life through Him. Sometimes I wonder if it's just my imagination I'm talking to and hearing from, but it's not. The peace and joy that come over me can't come from me the way they come over me. It's too heavy of glory to be from me. I'm grateful to have a relationship with Him in my life the way I do. He's my everything. 

Things are looking up, even in the overwhelm that I feel. I don't worry about the cancer much anymore. I know God's got me in His loving powerfully creative hands. He loves me immensely.

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