I Will Not Fear: A Strategy to Overcome Anxiety, Worry and Fear-Based Living - 2nd Edition

I Will Not Fear: A Strategy to Overcome Anxiety, Worry and Fear-Based Living - 2nd Edition

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Author: Mark DeJesus

Brand: Audible

Binding: Audible Audiobook

Format: Unabridged

Release Date: 18-06-2018

Details: Turn the tables on anxiety, stress, and worry. Learn to overcome fear in practical yet powerful ways!  A growing mass of people are manifesting the effects of fear, from a loss of confidence and boldness to chronic anxiety and panic attacks. The fear factor is keeping hearts and lives bound under a cloud of oppression. It’s time that people become equipped with insights and strategies that produce freedom.  I Will Not Fear is a blueprint to expose fear’s tactics while laying out a plan to take back your peace.  Mark has personally overcome the bondage of anxiety and panic attacks and is effectively helping many people break free of their own fear-based struggles. Step by step, you can take the journey to break through the fear factor that seeks to steal your peace and confidence.  Through this audiobook, you will be able to:  Gain a step-by-step training on what fear does and how it infiltrates our lives.  Learn how to discern fear’s tactics and get a clear plan for victory.  Gain scriptural and practical tools to break through anxiety, worry, stress, and all influences of fear in your life.  I Will Not Fear is a “how-to” manual designed to help the multitudes affected by fear: from the one who simply struggles with stepping into fearful situations to the person who is emotionally locked in and imprisoned by fear's affects.  Take a journey toward freedom and join the masses who are declaring, “I will not fear!”

Languages: English

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